Lisbon United Methodist Church

We make disciples by gathering for worship, growing in faith and in grace, and serving in love. From our roots in Christ, we nurture our community by welcoming everyone and reaching out to all who are in need.
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Hi. My name is T.J. Mount and I serve as the Pastor at here at Lisbon United Methodist Church. I am so glad and excited you found our website. I want to take the opportunity to invite you to experience the love of Christ here at Lisbon UMC. We are a great group of people who try to love each other the way Christ loves us. We are not perfect and some times we get it wrong but we are learning together and know how to love and forgive each other. So, stop on by and check us out. We gather for worship at 10:00 am.

Services and Bible Study

Sundays 10:00am at Lisbon UMC

Wednesday Grow Group 7:00pm via Zoom

Thursday Grow Group at Lisbon UMC 10:00am

15875 Frederick Road Lisbon, MD 21797

Here We Are!

Here We Are!

Everything You Want To Know About Us

We would love for you to visit us and decide to stay, but you may want to know more about us first. So, we’ve tried to provide as much information here as we can so that you can prepare for a visit.

First Steps
Review the information on this page;
Watch a recent service on Facebook;
Look at some of the comments on Facebook; Check out our newsletters; and then
Try to imagine yourself here at Lisbon UMC.

Do you see yourself here?

There are several other Methodist churches and churches of other denominations in the area. Consider them, too. As much as we want you here, that’s not the real goal. Where do feel comfortable? Do people seem friendly? Do the service and more importantly the message resonate with you? Those things are important to feeling the Lord’s spirit.

Then there are there things you might be interested in being involved with: choir, bible study, events, or charitable works in the community. Great ways to help out and meet folks.

You likely won’t know until you visit Lisbon to attend a service, an event,  a bible study or whatever; so, we can help get you ready for a visit. Please ask questions along the way, too. If you decide to visit, fill out a Connect Card to let us know you’re coming or just show up. That’s fine, too.

Getting here:

    • We have no nursery or Sunday School right now because we don’t have any children in that age group. But, kids are very welcome at Lisbon and we don’t expect them to be silent or still.
    • 15875 Frederick Road, Mount Woodbine, MD 21797.
    • Our church entrance is just east of Lisbon Elementary School.
    • The main parking lot is at the top of the driveway.
    • Handicapped parking and parking for those with mobility issues is available in the front parking lot and we have a ramp.

Where do I go next?

    • After parking, enter through the rear double doors.
    • There are restrooms available in the narthex (lobby).
    • You can pick up a bulletin at the podium before entering the sanctuary.

Things to know about our worship service

  • Dress is casual. Sit anywhere. No assigned seats and we don’t expect you to stand up and introduce yourself; unless of course you want to.
  • Music includes traditional hymns with piano or organ accompaniment and our choir. Hymnals are available in the pews.
  • Service will last approximately about one hour.
  • Music includes traditional hymns with piano or organ accompaniment and our choir. Hymnals are available in the pews.
  • Service is led by Pastor TJ and a volunteer lectionary reader.
  • We spend some time at the beginning of service sharing our joys and concerns.
  • Our choir offers anthems and hymns during the service. We often have special music from members of the church or guests.
  • Our choir always welcomes new members. Great singing is optional.
  • We have an electronic giving option with Vanco Payment Services.
  • We will also be passing the plate for in-person giving during service.
  • On-line Services – If you want to preview our worship service, please join on Facebook at 10:00am on Sundays. A Facebook account is not required to watch the Facebook Live service. We would appreciate you filling out a Connect Card so we know who’s joining us online.
  • Communion (first Sunday of each month) will be served at the altar rail by our pastor and our communion stewards. Ushers will guide folks to the altar. You will receive bread and juice in individual cups, while at the altar.
  • Anyone can participate. Folks who are unable to receive Communion at the altar will be served in their pews. Just let an usher know.
  • Information about communion in the UMC can be found here.
  • To learn more about what we mean by having an ‘open table’ (where anyone regardless of membership or baptism can participate) visit here

I still have questions!

Fill out the Contact Us, email our office or Pastor TJ Mount and we will be happy to answer your questions.